About Us

 We are Steve and Joy Poole. We met on a blind date back in 1985.  Steve was involved in the fence business (selling fence not fencing stolen property) and Joy was a high school business education teacher.  We married in 1986 and have "never had a dull moment" our friend Rich likes to tell us.   

We have three grown daughters--Katy, Caroline and Lainey.  They are, of course, beautiful, intelligent, kind, and entertaining.   We simply adore them.  We have two dogs Piper and Jack and one Grand-dog named Hobie.  Two cats like to eat at our home--no one really owns a cat.  Their names are Oliver and Sookie.  We have peafowl--currently there are 12, the oldest male is named Romeo. 

We live on sixty acres where Steve can ride his tractor and fish in his pond.  He can feed the deer and watch the variety of ducks come to roost.  He sold his fence company several years ago and became a commercial developer.  He is an entrepreneur in every sense of the word.  He has a career that is difficult to explain but allows flexibility in his schedule.  Steve loves everything associated with boats, boating and water. He enjoys hunting during the winter season and playing tennis with his buddies on Monday nights. 

Joy returned to teaching when Steve sold the fence business. She taught math for six years, four of those in middle school.  Middle school students are her favorite age to teach because they are like colts learning to walk--uncoordinated and innocent.  She decided to put her teaching career on hold again when our younger daughters were in high school at the same time with busy and often conflicting schedules. Now that the girls are all grown she enjoys reading, playing tennis, and cooking.   Experimenting with new recipes and using her friends as guinea pigs to taste her creations is one of her favorite forms of entertaining. 

Our adventures on Meandering Joy combine Steve's love of the water and boats with Joy's desire to travel.  Steve likes the challenge and adventure of traveling by waterway while Joy likes to explore the small villages and towns (even some of the larger ones) we pass through discovering the history and unique personality of each.   We both enjoy meeting new friends along the way.