Sunday, May 31, 2015

On top of the World at Bitter Guana

Everyone comes to Bitter Guana to see the Iguana which inhabit this mile and a half long island.  We were intrigued by the rocky hills and cliffs that soared over the beaches where the iguanas live.  Of course, we had to find our way up.  

The cell tower on Staniel Cay can be seen from atop Bitter Guana


Saturday, May 30, 2015

April 9-Bitter Guana Cay

On April 9 we left our anchorage at Oven Rock and went back to Black Point.  I wanted to take advantage of the free wifi again!  We anchored closer to the Rockside Laundry to get a stronger wifi signal.  After getting settled and taking Piper to shore, we climbed in the dinghy to find the Iguanas on Bitter Guana Cay.  Iguana are protected in the Bahamas--but I am not sure why--they seemed to be able to take care of themselves and any predator. AND they are numerous.  As soon as a dinghy lands ashore, the iguana start walking towards the water looking for a hand out of food.  


Friday, May 29, 2015

More Cave Pics

Steve took the camera and walked/climbed around all the rocks and on far side of the cave door.  Thankfully--he didn't fall into the great abyss.  

Me telling Steve--It is time to go this place is creeping me out

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Exploring a cave on Great Guana Cay

Cruisers on Adirondack were so enthusiastic about their explorations in a cave here on Great Guana that we decided visit it ourselves.  They snorkeled inside this cave, but we (I) wasn't too thrilled about that much adventure.  We found the trail and took it all the way to the Atlantic side of the island and had to back track but found the cave entrance hidden behind some low growing foliage.  We have to admire the way these sights are marked by cairns signaling a right or left turn.  On one cairn was a doll's arm pointing in the direction in which to proceed.  I don't have a picture because I couldn't find it on the way back.  

Found the opening behind the brush

Looking outside from inside--don't really want to go any further  


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

April 8--Oven Rock

After lunch at Lorraine's we pulled up the anchor and headed south to anchor near Oven Rock.  We met some friends who told us it was a great anchorage with a pretty beach and a cave to explore.  This anchorage is on the southern end of Great Guana Cay just north of Little & Big Farmer's Cays.  

Saw this Yacht with all it's toys on our way.  

Not hard to see why this is called oven rock.  It looks like a stone oven just waiting for a pizza to go inside.  The water was so very clear that we decided to go for a swim and found a huge starfish.  It think it weighed about  5 pounds

Interested in learning more about the starfish?  Click here to see the National Geographic page about starfish.  I learned they can live for 35 years and can weigh up to 11 pounds.  


Monday, May 25, 2015

The Children of Black Point

The schools were closed while we were at Black Point for the Easter Week holiday.  We attracted a great deal of attention while walking Piper through the settlement.  The children were playing outside and were mostly intriqued by Piper's presence.  They were quite frightened by her even though we shared that she was old and had never bitten anyone.  One little child asked us if she would bite him if he kicked her.  We asked him not to kick her and that no she probably wouldn't but why would he want to kick her?  

Most of the children wanted to pet her and were great with her but were seriously frightened if Piper moved her head to lick their sticky hands.  They couldn't understand that she was just liking of the remnants of the ice cream cone that had dripped on their fingers.  We stopped at Lorraine's Cafe for some lunch and another opportunity for some Fried Conch.  While waiting at our outdoor table, several children came up to talk and see Piper.  Lorraine's mother (from whom we had purchase coconut and cinnamon bread) came out to shoo the kids away.  We assume she thought they were bothering us, but they weren't.  Steve and I were amused as she told the kids to "Get away you kids, go play in the road."  Since there are only about 3 vehicles on the entire island, the road is a great place for the kids to play ball, skip, and jump rope.


All smiles for the first picture and a fry

Not so happy after the first picture.  I think the camera frightened her. 

Yummy Conch!


Sunday, May 24, 2015

Blow Hole at Black Point

When a sea cave grows landward and upward into a vertical shaft that becomes opened to the surface, a blowhole is formed.  If the shape of the cave and the state of the weather with regard to winds and tides are all aligned, then blasts of water from the sea can come out the top of the blowhole.  We felt the breeze/wind from the blowhole at Warderick Wells, but we didn't see the water blow up from the sea.  While we were at Black Point, the sea state, the winds and the tides were perfect for us to see the Blow Hole in action.


Saturday, May 23, 2015

April 7-Big Majors to Black Point Settlement on Great Guana Cay

Black Point Settlement on Great Guana Cay is the largest and most traditional settlement in the northern and central Exumas.  Great Guana Cay is almost 12 miles long making it the longest cay except for Great Exuma in the Exuma district.  The residents rely on fishing and plaiting to make a living.  It is said the men here are some of the most expert fishermen that can be found in all the Bahamas.  We were told that there is some farming here, but we are not sure what crops grow here. 

Cruisers like Great Guana because of its laundry facility and the free wifi!  The harbor is very large with room for many boats and the holding is good with good depth.  Great Guana-Black Point is also known for the coconut bread sold by Lorraine's mother.  Lorraine runs a cafe behind which her mother lives and bakes bread for a living.  It is not uncommon to see 20-25 loaves of bread on her counter top ready for sale.  

Thankful for the sign to all the sights!

Government dock where we tied up the dinghy to go into town. 

Black Point is the home of a regatta of Class C native sloops in late July.  This event is of such interest that the island is crowded during these races. See the sign above pointing to the Regatta site.  

Spot for Viewing the Regatta


Friday, May 22, 2015

Piggy Beach-April 6

One of the attractions I felt that I must see while in the Exumas was the swimming pigs.  We decided to head back over today after shopping (and putting away our groceries) to see these creatures.  

Why is she reaching for that end of the pig?

Great view of the anchorage from Piggy Beach.

Same float plane we saw on Saturday

Our Joy Scout

Do they eat children?  Get your hand back in little girl!