Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Amara Zee

I was reading in the stateroom late on Monday afternoon when I heard yelling to grab lines, more yelling to move lines, and even more yelling to move the lines once again.  I rushed up and out to see if I could give a hand and discovered this boat docking beside us.  It was covered up with young people trying to carry out the instructions the captain was barking at them.  They were all smiles but weren't clear about how to follow the captains docking instructions.  Finally, the dock master gave some  orders to the captain and crew which cleared up all the problems.  The lines were adjusted and the Amara Zee was tucked in for the day.  The crew of actors and actresses aboard the Amara Zee provided us with much entertainment as they came off the boat in groups eager to get showers or go for a run to stretch their legs.  We heard them late into the night laughing, singing, and playing a guitar.  

On board were the Caravan Stage company which performs on the deck of this boat.  The masts and rigging are used for scenery, lighting and special effects.  The shows are staged on the entire deck and on the surrounding ground while the boat is docked.  The boat has a shallow draft which allows it greater mobility for performance venues.  It is not however a sea worthy vessel--it would not be wise to take this boat out into the ocean. 

"Hacked" is the name of the current performance.  They were leaving Jacksonville heading to Portsmouth Virginia for 3 days of shows in early July with performances through out the summer in Maryland, New Jersey, and Canada before finishing the season in Brooklyn, New York.  

These performers obviously fell for Piper who ate up all the attention

This boat has an actual starboard .  The term starboard comes from early boating before ships had rudders on their center lines.  They were guided by a steering oar (steering board).  The steering oar was  attached to the right side of the ship because there were more right handed sailors than left handed sailors.  Starboard became the term for the side from which the boat was steered.   Today starboard means the right side of the boat and port means the left side.  

As I was making coffee the next morning I glanced out the window to see two of the men aboard using our water hose after removing the spray attachment.  I don't mind sharing our hose or our water, but they were using it to bathe on the dock.  Showers are provided by the marina with both hot and cold running water.  They had options.   They obviously did not understand that the hose provides our CLEAN DRINKING water because they proceeded to put the hose directly onto their armpits, head and bodies.   Looks like we will be cleaning the hose with Clorox.  

Life at the marina is always interesting....


Friday, June 27, 2014

Fort Frederica

In the 1700's Georgia was known as debatable land to the British owned South Carolina and the Spanish owned Florida.  It was on St. Simons Island that the battle between the Spanish and the British over who would own Georgia was fought.  James Oglethorpe established Fort Frederica on the Frederica river in 1736.  In 1742, Spanish from Cuba and Florida landed on St. Simons for battle.  The Battle at Bloody Marsh led to the retreat of the Spanish and allowed the British to claim Georgia as its territory.  Unfortunately, the victory led to the closure of Fort Frederica and the demise of the town Frederica within the boundaries of the fort.  Fort Frederica is run by the National Park Service.  

The Fort was surrounded by a moat created by it's proximity to the river.  The moat can be seen today as well as the remnants of several of the buildings.  

The deer roam freely around--we were treated to a couple of fawns playing in the fields.  Although it was in the upper eighties when we visited, we were kept cool by the large trees covered in moss which shaded most of the park. 


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jekyll to SSI

On the ride from Jekyll to SSI we encountered a freighter.

Steve stared him down and he went quickly out of the harbor

Nice view from the foredeck

We docked the boat stern in when we arrived at Morningstar so that we can lower the dinghy easily and explore some of the smaller creeks and rivers.  Glenn took a  few more pictures at the end of our trip.

I have been asked several times if I can drive the boat.  I can and I have but it makes Steve very nervous when anyone other than himself is driving.  Since we had more hands on board to help, I moved the boat off the dock and drove out to sea 3 miles of this trip and some of the way back inside.  Here is proof---


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Brunswick to Jekyll Island

We visited Jekyll Island by car one day and were pleasantly surprised.  The state is rebuilding many hotels and has built a new Convention Center with a terrific park adjacent by the waterfront.  There are miles and miles of bike trails that are wide and separated from traffic--however, there is not much, if any traffic on Jekyll.  We had lunch at SeaJays at the Jekyll Marina.  While the Martin family was aboard, we took Meandering Joy from Brunswick to Jekyll.  (OH, I almost forgot--there is a terrific tennis center with clay courts on Jekyll--more on this later)

Jekyll Island Club

Jekyll Island Marina just past the bridge

Check out tomorrow's post for our ride back to Morningstar Marina.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

St. Simons Sound to Brunswick

The tides here is St. Simons vary from 7-9 feet depending on the phase of the moon.  Because of this variation, we try to leave and arrive at the marina at slack tide which is the point at which the water is neither rushing in or out.  We do this because handling the boat can be more difficult with water rushing in or out and winds blowing different directions.  We headed out of Morningstar Marina about 8:00 and needed to stay out until about 2:00 to hit the next slack tide.  After heading out to sea for 3 miles, we turned around and headed to Brunswick.  

View of the Brunswick Landing Marina in the distance from the Fly Bridge--and an anonymous foot.

More pics tomorrow!


Monday, June 23, 2014

Heading out of the St. Simons Sound

We were happy to see friends from Lawrenceville this week who joined us for a ride out to sea.  Glenn, Nancy & Janell arrived for a  vacation in St. Simons.  We shared some great meals and were delighted that  Glen shared these photos with us. 

Nancy & Janell

SSI Lighthouse

Glenn & Janell


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Christ Church

The first services held on the site that is now the home of Christ Church were held around 1736.  The fathers of Methodism in America--John & Charles Wesley first held services to the natives who lived on this island beneath an oak tree.  The first church building was built in 1820 but later destroyed by Union troops in the War Between the States.  It was rebuilt in 1884 by Anson Phelps Dodge in memory of his wife who died while on their honeymoon trip around the world.  It is easy to imagine picnic homecoming lunches under the trees here at Christ Church.

Christ Church is an Episcopal parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia. Anglicanism has its roots in the Church of England, which spread around the world in the colonial period. Christ church has 3 services every Sunday 8, 9:15 & 11:15.  

Looking forward to visiting a service.


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Morningstar Marina-Golden Isles

Saturday, May 14, we were invited to the gathering of the local chapter of the United States Power Squadron.  We met many of the local boaters in the community and were served a delicious meal.  Afterward, I took some time to walk around the docks and take some photos.

Looking down the walkway to the ramp.  Just at the end of the ramp is the Coastal Kitchen restaurant.
Low tide, bridge over to St. Simons in the background

Look closely and see Meandering Joy almost dead center of the photo behind the  blue hull boat called Nearaida. 


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hampton River Marina

We saw a marina listed on the charts and decided to take the truck out to find the marina.  We traveled to the north end of the island on Frederica road, wandered through many moss covered tree lined roads.

Very nice neighborhood marina on the Hampton River.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Clouds Usher in the Rain

I noticed a heavy dark cloud cluster heading our way this week.  Everyone working on the docks waited until the very last moment to scatter away and head for cover.  Steve got stuck outside in the rain while taking the old oil up to the marina to dispose.