Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Jupiter has an average of 235 sunny days a year according to Bert Sperling.   Who is Bert Sperling?  I have never heard of him either, but on a search for details about Jupiter his website brought forth much information.  Bert  operates  a website named Sperling's Best Places.  The site gathers and shares information about schools, crime rate, cost of living, home prices and more to aid in the decision making process for anyone looking for a move.  

There is a quiz on the website which generates the ideal city in which to live based on the answers to 10 simple questions.  I took the quiz--my ideal city is Hattiesburg, MS.  Never been there.  I may take the quiz again.  (Friends who are looking toward retirement may find this site useful.)

Bert's data indicate that the pros to living in Jupiter are its cultural diversity, proximity to the beach and water recreation, and entertainment.  The cons are hurricane risk, cost of living, and crime rate. 
We aren't planning on moving to Jupiter or anywhere else, but this is a very interesting site.  

I had no intention of writing about Sperlings Best Places today.  I planned to share some photos of our recent visit to Jupiter.  

Pineapple Plant

Banana Tree

More banana tree

Canopy of trees covering the trail to the beach

No crowds at this beach 

Clear blue green water 

Bandage Tree

Have a great day exploring your world and  Go take the Best Places Quiz and let me know your Best Place...



  1. Interesting - every combination we tried came up with a Louisiana or Mississippi answer. Not convinced.

  2. Yes, it seems that the test is skewed toward that area of the country. I am not headed that way either.