Thursday, July 16, 2015

Bimini to Lake Worth

April 21, 2015  

We left Bimini at first light headed home (YIPPEE!)  We encountered a few scattered rain showers and we could see some storms on the horizon but fortunately--we did not have any problems.  We arrived at Lake Worth around 2:30.  We found our way to the Riviera Beach Municipal Marina.  We chose this marina because of its proximity to the Custom's office where we needed to check in with our passports.  

The dockmaster assured us that the current wasn't bad in this marina but he was mistaken.  We had a close encounter with another boat--a catamaran -- which resulted in a crunch and a decision to move to another slip.  The damage was minimal (about $300) but the feeling was still bad.  We now chalk up running aground, hitting a coral head and gently tapping another boat.  I suppose we are experienced boaters now as we hear that until you have some of these experiences you have not been boating long enough or you are a bit frugal with the truth!  

The dockmaster took us to the entrance to the Customs office which was filled with the crew from a mega yacht who were checking into the U.S.  We were told we needed a number before we could check in and were given a telephone number to call for this number.  After getting the number and waiting in line again--we were finally cleared.  A sailor from Spain couldn't believe it took us so long to be admitted since we are Americans.  He had alot of trouble because he had Cuba stamped in his passport.  

We walked back to the boat, showered and had dinner at the cruising dinner boat which was docked at the marina.  Still disappointed by our unfortunate encounter with the catamaran we headed to bed for a much needed rest to complete our journey home.


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