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Palm Coast to Jacksonville

April 24, 2014

Palm Coast to Jacksonville

We walked around a little before leaving Palm Coast and had an enjoyable conversation with the dock master who encouraged us to return in the fall.  No problems getting out of this marina with no current and no significant tides.  We waved at Marineland, Fort Matanzas and St. Augustine on our way north toward Jacksonville.  We stopped just after the the St. Augustine Inlet to get fuel at the Inlet Marina which hails the lowest price on fuel int he area.  Refueling takes a while on our boat that holds approximately 1020 gallons.

The marina is right on the ICW and right next to a fishing pier.  We had no trouble getting in but we were a little wary as we had never been before.  The dock hands were terrific!  
The marina owner came out to meet and greet us.   After telling him I wanted to order some lunch to take along with us, he walked me inside to a waitress who took my order.  Our food was ready long before we had finished filing the boat with about 700 gallons of fuel.  

The day was beautiful as we traveled along the Tolamato River, the Pablo Creek &  into the St. John's River Inlet.  Mayport is a town on the south bank of St. Johns River, 3 miles inside the entrance jetties.   There is a US Naval Station in Mayport and there are large ships bringing containers in to Jacksonville traversing these waters.  Caution is advised in the area for a number of reasons including current.

We followed this boat above into Jacksonville. 

 Whew--the big ship made it under the bridge headed to the loading dock.

Great view of the loading or unloading of a container ship.

One more big boat we had to pass on our way  into Jacksonville and up the St. John's River.  After requesting and receiving an opening of the Ortega River Bridge, passing under the 45ft  Roosevelt Boulevard Bridge and CSX Railroad Bridge--it was time to tie off at our destination--Lamb's Yacht Center.  


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  1. Thanks for the updates on the story. Palm Coast does look like a great marina. Perhaps you will return with a shadow on land.....we've found several nice RV parks nearby.......