Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Marineland Marina

Piper the traveling Labrador Retriever is 14 years old.  She has slowed down significantly over the past year.  She has trouble seeing, hearing and getting up and down the steps on the boat.  Her olfactory senses however had not failed her.  She knows instantly when there is an open jar of peanut butter.  She has begun a barking routine in the evening before her bedtime demanding a spoonful of creamy Jif peanut butter.   

Piper in the Exumas with Lainey

Many dogs raised on a boat are able to take care of their business on special pads, boxes, or artificial turf.  Piper needs to be taken ashore.  Anchoring is fun, but presents a problem sometimes in getting her to shore, especially if we arrive late in the evening after the sun goes down.  Tying up to a dock makes like with Piper much easier.  

On trips south of Jacksonville, we always try to stay at least one night at Marineland.   This is perhaps the closest marina along the ICW to the beach.   The small marina is easy to get into and has floating docks.  It is also one of the least expensive.  

The video below offers some great aerial shots of the marina and details the rich history of Marineland.  

The dockmaster and two other boaters met us at the slip after hours to help us get into the slip.  Piper enjoyed her walk as the sun bid farewell to the day.


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