Saturday, February 13, 2016

Escaping the Cold in Georgia for MOSH

Steve could not take the cold weather even one more day so we skipped town and landed in Jacksonville on the boat.   It was 71 degrees today-don't get mad, just come join us there is room on the boat.  The wind was blowing brutally but at least I did not have to wear gloves like I would have at home.  Steve spent the morning installing our new wooden Bali blinds for the boat.  He says he ordered them by accident--but I am not really sure how that works.  He assures me that he didn't give the blinds manufacturer the go ahead but somehow they appeared at our doorstep this week.  It is not really a big deal except if we did not like the wood stain.  Lucky for all - the blinds are a 100% improve over the metal blinds from 1993.  

We are exploring Jacksonville by car while we are here and hoping to get in some bike rides, tennis and walks as well as visit some of the museums.  First on the list today is the Museum of Science and History or MOSH.  Fridays are 1/2 price days--perfect--since we just had an unexpected expenditure on the blinds.

The Atlantic Tails exhibit allows visitors to get a closer look and understanding of the mammals, reptiles and invertebrates that are indigenous to the area.  I was glad to learn about the North Atlantic right whale because we frequently hear the Coast Guard make announcements about the right while over the VHF.  The right whale is among the rarest of all marine mammals.  Baleen whales filter out food from the water by gulp feeding using their baleen plates.  They can eat more than 2,600 pounds of zooplankton in one day.   They have two blowholes and bumpy patches of rough skin called callosities on their heads.

Manatee skeleton

The third floor of MOSH hosts the planetarium and the DaVinci exhibit as well as a Brain Teasers exhibit.  We were not very successful with solving the Brain Teasers challenges.  The exhibit encourages all participants to "prepare to learn more about the innermost workings of your mind"- that could be a frightening endeavor for us.  I was not aware that da Vinci spend so much time working on science and technology.  His inventions include anemometer, parachute, helicopter and the armored car--just to name a few.


Armored Tank

The film at the Planetarium named Force 5 was the highlight for Steve.  Force 5 seeks  to explain the powerful forces of weather and allow viewers to experience the massive waves and winds of a hurricane at sea as well as the  the violence of a tornado on land.

Currents of Time, a journey through Florida over 12,000 years ago until the 1960's is extensive. The development of the port system, the presence of the Timucuan, the building of Jacksonville and more are all there to further the understanding of the development of Florida.  It was amusing that a kitchen  from the 1960's would be considered historical!  

We exited through a larger than life size mouth from the Body Within--a display right out of Frankenstein with human hearts and livers set out in jars for everyone to see.  Katy (our daughter who is a nurse) would have loved this section. MOSH gets 5/5 stars from Joy & Steve as a great place to spend an afternoon or two.  There are enough hands on exhibits for kids and enough higher level explanations for adults--plus the price can't be beat.

The middle school group who were visiting the museum while we were there got a kick out of this display.  Look closely at the letters the bottom.  Pushing the red button sends the multicolored balls popping around in the dome (intestines) to demonstrate gas bubbles.  

I will leave you today with the following fun facts!  

Have a bubbly day!


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