Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bahamas Bound

Back to the Bahamas
It is that time again--time to go to the Bahamas!  We went in April and May of 2013 and are getting ready to return in just a few days. On our first trip we headed to Bimini from Fort Lauderdale.  We traveled from Bimini, to Cat Cay and on to Chub Cay in the Berry Islands where we explored the Berry Islands up to Great HArbor for about 8 days.  We left the Berry Islands to explor the ABaco islands for around 7 weeks before returning to the states.  

Our tentative plans for this trip are to leave sometime between March 2 and March 8.  Once we find a window of good weather and good winds to cross the Gulf Stream, we will head to Rodriquez Island outside of Key Largo, where we will anchor for the night before crossing to Bimini.   After arriving in Bimini, where we will stay at a marina and check in to customs, we may stay a few days to explore this Island.  Leaving Bimini we will make our way to Nassau by going to Cat Cay and/or Chubb Cay for a night or two before making passage to Nassau.  

In Nassau, we would like to stay at the Atlantis Marina on Paradise Island and wait for the arrival of our youngest daughter, Lainey.  Lainey will be on spring break from March 13 to through March 22.  After a night or two in Atlantis, we will head for the Exuma Islands.  The Exumas are a chain of islands/cays about 130 miles long.  The north end of the Exumas is at  Allan's.  The southern most island is Little Exuma which is just below Great Exuma, the largest of all the 360 small cays at 37 miles in length.   Georgetown on Great Exuma is the largest town in the Exumas.  

We plan to visit the Exumas National Land and Sea Park for several Days.  We also want to make it to Staniel Cay to see the swimming pigs.  

Looks like fun!



  1. http://www.myfoxtampabay.com/story/28180179/boat-crashes-into-ruskin-marina
    Glad this was not the MeanderingJoy!!!!

  2. Is there a chance to swim with the pigs?
    Glad to see the plans posted - we'd been wondering when you were planning to head out.

  3. Sound sounds like a great plan! -suzy