Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pigeon Key

An art festival was held on Saturday and Sunday in Marathon to benefit the preservation of Pigeon Key and the community programs and activities which are delivered on this small island.   We attended the art festival after a couple of sets of tennis and discovered that our tickets to the festival discounted a tour Pigeon Key to $6.   
 The Ferry for the Pigeon Key tour leaves from the Visitor Center housed in a Railroad Car on Knights Key. There are three daily trips out to the island or a personal watercraft can be taken to the island as well.  

The five acre island was originally called Cayo Paloma for the White crowned pigeons which once roosted here.  There are eight buildings remaining on this tiny island which was a work camp from 1909 -1912 for the Florida East Coast Railway also known as Henry Flagler's Overseas Railroad to Key West or Flagler's Folly.  These buildings housed as many as 400 workers who built the Seven Mile Bridge which spans from Knight's Key and Little Duck Key.  The Seven Mile Bridge was at one time the 8th Wonder of the World.  The buildings which serve as housing and administrative offices for educational programs for youth or may be reserved for weddings, business retreats, family reunions etc.  A guest house is available for private vacations which sleeps 8, has a completely stocked kitchen and two baths.  

The tour guide gave an interesting lecture of the island history, a walking tour of the island including the buildings and the museum.  After the lecture, visitors are free to explore, enjoy a picnic lunch, or lounge on the chairs by the water until the ferry returns. 

That's our friend Mike from Isla Del Sol  hydrating on the ferry

Buddy the Cat came right up to sit next to Diane and I on the picnic table

Old Buoy Marker of some sort beside this house--love the side porch of this home

The old railroad bridge goes through Pigeon Key


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