Monday, November 16, 2015

Bottom Paint & Haul Out

Meandering Joy is scheduled to be hauled out today at Lamb's Yacht Center to have a look at the bottom paint.  Boats which stay in the water year round or for most of a boating season usually require bottom paint.  Painting the bottom of the boat which is underwater is a technique used to discourage aquatic organisms, weeds, and barnacle from attaching themselves to the hull.  Mariners through out the ages have tried every imaginable mixture to prevent these critters from attaching to the hull.  Some of these mixtures have included: tin, arsenic, pesticides and even chili powder.  Many of these have been banned due to environmental concerns.  Most paints today include copper as a deterrent.

The picture below is from the haul out at Embry Marine in St. Petersburg.  Steve should be sending some pictures today of the haul out in Jacksonville.  


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