Thursday, June 30, 2016

Stuart to Melbourne or "Where is the Dinghy?"

The trip from Stuart to Melbourne took us through Jensen Beach, Indian River Estates, Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, Wabasso and Sebastian and Malabar.  Fort Pierce is the most industrial of these towns along the ICW.   Vero Beach is a beautiful area with expansive estate homes along the waterway.  It was a delight to show Dave & Charlene some of our favorite sites along the way.  

The anchorage at Melbourne Beach is a great stop.  Since discovering this nice little town, we stop here rather than staying at the marina although the marina is great alternative when we want to be hooked to shore power.    We anchor at the little green 2 below.  The Marina is at the red 5.


The first order of business at the anchorage is to take Piper to shore.  Steve usually  always takes care of this while I stay aboard and make sure the anchor holds.  We aren't terribly worried about the anchor holding, I just have a thing about watching it for an hour before I leave.  Every time we leave in the dinghy and MJ gets out of our sight we are always relieved that she is still there when we return.   Dave joined Steve and Piper for the walk while Charlene and I made out a grocery list.  When they returned, we spent some time on the bow and on the fly bridge to admire the view and discuss plans for the afternoon.   

In anticipation of getting us into the dinghy for a trip Melbourne Beach, Steve went around to the cockpit.  His gasp was audible.  The dinghy had floated away.  Imagine that your car is not in the garage when you get up in the morning and head off to work.  Imagine that your other car is not in the garage when you get up in the morning and you have to be at work for a presentation that determines your future.  

Steve spotted the dinghy about a quarter mile away.  Not sure if that is accurate, but he swam for it, so he gets to determine the distance.   He scurried down to the state room to put on  swim trunks, flew back up through the salon and dove off the swim platform.  The swim trunks slipped down to his --yep you got it--  he stopped briefly to make an adjustment and then swam like he was in the Olympics.   I watched--speechless.   I wasn't aware at the time that Steve had seen a sign warning of bull sharks in the area.  

You might be asking "How did this happen?'  HMMMM.  Let's just say that the dinghy did not get tied off in the most secure fashion and a lesson on tying knots ensued.  

After this little adventure, we were all ready to go exploring! 

I don't know why I took this shot but it looks like another accidental selfie

Salsa Anyone? 

Time to head back

We love that we now have another adventure story to tell involving our good friend Mr. Dave! 



  1. Hummm, I once watched that guy who tied off the dingy sail his boat through overhanging pine trees - limbs and pine needles going in every direction as the mast and stays encountered the limbs. He's a talented boater our friend Dr. D. The dip (or spread) with the chips looks great and then all those sauces..... Fun!!!

  2. I can see a blog titled "Adventures with Dr. Dave" in his future. I am sure Charlene knows many more stories that we have yet to hear.