Monday, January 25, 2016

Welaka and the Sandhill Crane

Ninety miles south of Jacksonville situated on the St. Johns river with a population of less than 1000 is a tiny town or village named Welaka.  It is home to the Welaka National Fish Hatchery and Mount Royal an archaeological site of a Timucua  Indian village. The Fish Hatchery is a short walk from our stop at the city dock, Mount Royal is about 3 miles outside of town--too far for us to explore by foot.

Wandering through town and neighborhoods toward Acosta Creek Marina we were delighted to meet up wtih a single Sandhill Crane.  The cranes are known for what their "unison calling" during mating.  Cranes are also known for dancing, running, and leaping in the air during mating season and other times of the year.  Most live in freshwater wetlands--Welaka is the perfect place for the cranes to take up residence with the freshwater of the St. Johns.  The cranes have been known to live at golf courses, airports and suburban neighborhoods.  We found one who was quite territorial and not bothered by us at all as we got closer and closer to take a picture. 



  1. Belated Happy Birthday! And in answer to your question on Christmas Eve, yes I did see your response this time!

  2. Thank you!! It was a cold birthday but we found some fun things to do around Madison and Athens--antiquing. Glad you see my responses now. I had to change the way I reply to posts for them to show up.