Friday, January 15, 2016

Welaka Revisited

In February of 2013 we visited Melaka at the free dock.  The mayor of the city came down to greet us and we had a delightful lunch at Blue's restaurant.  Blue's has since closed and the Mayor had pressing business on our most recent visit.  The town is about the same as it was last time.  We enjoyed our walk around town and found the people to be extremely gracious.  Our dinner at Shrimp R US was great and inexpensive.

Does anyone paint their trees like this anymore?

17 Shrimp Dinner

Found this sign at the restaurant!

Grilled Swai with Green Beans, Potato and Hush Puppies



  1. Probably good food!
    Are the trees painted to make them visible for drivers?

  2. The food was delicious and inexpensive. We met a woman who was dining there and after talking for a while, she encouraged us to anchor behind her house on our way back to Jacksonville so that we could join her and her husband for appetizers! I don't know about the trees??? The restaurant is Biker friendly if you want to take Harley down.