Sunday, December 6, 2015

Black Creek to Six Mile Creek

We plan to meet Rick and Leanne for dinner or lunch at Outback Crab Shack on Sunday.  It is not far from our anchorage at Black Creek.  We will head out of Black Creek and scoot over the St. John's to that little cove between Elwood and Palmo.  Trout Creek runs north toward Elwood and the Six Mile Creek heads south toward Palmo.  

We may anchor at spots the spots indicated by green markers 6 & 4 or we may try to get into Red Marker 5. The entrance to the creek can get skinny with depths of 4 feet (we need 5)  Recent reviews have indicated that with the recent rains we will have no problem getting to Red Marker 5 on the map below which indicates the Six Mile Marina at which the Outback Crab Shack is located.  The dockage at the 150 foot dock is free with dinner--no amenities though.  


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