Monday, December 7, 2015

Green Cove Springs

I hope to be in Green Cove Springs on Monday so that I can have a look around the town.  
Green Cove Springs is in Clay County and as of 2010 had a population of about 7000.  The city is named after the perennially green trees which shelter the area of the St. Johns river upon which the city is built.  7000 years ago native Americans flocked to the area for its natural warm springs.  These springs are known locally as the Original Fountain of Youth.  

I hope to get a slip at the the Reynolds Park Yacht Center which is rich in history.  During WWII it was Lee Field Naval Air Station and served as an aviation training facility for the U.S.  In 1946 it was converted into a marine terminal to house the fleet of WWII ships no longer in use with over 600 ships here.  In 1965, the Navy gave up the facility which was purchased and developed by J. Louis Reynolds of Reynolds Metal Company.  The park is still owned by the family.  

Green Cove Springs in 1885

Reynolds Park with the Navy Ships prior after WWII


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