Sunday, December 20, 2015

Ship Shape TV

Have you heard of Ship Shape TV?  I hadn't either but I noticed on our recorded TV shows that a new show kept popping up on the list of recordings on the DVR.  When I got up this morning Steve was watching one of the shows.  This show can be seen on Fox Sports South or at their website-here.  

I watched the show on which they were restoring a Pursuit.  She show is based in Stuart, Florida but they travel wherever there is water and boats.  

The website has a Resources link to the National Weather Service, National Hurricane Center, Storm Prediction Center, and Buoy Center Stations to name just a few.  We frequently visit these sites when traveling.  

Now in its 21st year, the show is hosted by John Greviskis.   Each show addresses a different boating project ranging from repair or improvement and maintenance issues.  John works with with best of the best in the marine industry to address these topics.  

I don't have a natural understanding of anything mechanical--I found this show very interesting and that they use language that I understand.  (Makes me wish Industrial Arts was required back in High School)



  1. I've got to check on this......

  2. We have the series set to record so that we can watch at our leisure.