Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 14, 2012

November 14, 2012

Today is my college roommate's birthday.  Happy Birthday Suzanne.  It is funny how I can remember that date when it has been over twenty years since I have seen Suzanne or talked with her. 

Sarah Young writes the devotional Jesus Calling as if Jesus is speaking directly to the reader.  Today she writes about depending on the Holy Spirit throughout each day.  She suggests we walk through life collaborating with the Holy Spirit each step of the day.  The scripture she chose is Galatians 5:25 -Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit. 

Yesterday we met with Kevin in the pilot house to go over electronics.  There are two electric panels in the pilot house--one for ac and one for dc.  AC means alternating current, DC means direct current.  Are you yawning yet?  I took notes on this electrifying topic (get it) but I think they are in the bedroom (master state room) and Mr. Adventure is still asleep.  I treasure my quiet time alone in the pilot house so I am not going searching for it.  He is not a quiet soul and stirs things up once his feet hit the floor.  He will probably find this offensive, but it is true.  

After two hours of discussion of electronics, Kevin left us for lunch. I had a mini meltdown--who wouldn't.  Lucky for me, the engines had to be shut down for a repairman to finish the repairs the previous owner had committed to mend.  Mr. Adventure took me to old Annapolis to mosey through the shops there.  My chief purpose was to visit the pottery store there and purchase a gift for my friend Debra.  Her birthday is right after Thanksgiving and I know if I don't get a gift before going home, I will forget during the holiday. 

We looked at many of the shops for decorating ideas and nautical trinkets.   We are not buying anything, just looking at what kind of items are out there and what kind we want.  There is an unlimited supply of tacky nautical knick knacks. 
Mr. Adventure tried to be my girlfriend and look at things with me rather than sprinting to the back of the store and back out the front door.  At one store I kept looking for him and discovered that there was a back door that he scurried out.  He may need some more lessons on how to be a good girl friend.  I think it is only fair if I am learning about electronics, plumbing, fuel, holding tanks, …

We walked to the Annapolis city marina.  Mr. Adventure pointed out "Ego Alley".  The folks at Burr told us that before we leave, we will be taking our boat down ego alley.  They have a lot of work to do before I am able to take this boat down ego alley.  Ego alley is a keyhole shaped waterway with boats aligned on either side.  It looks like there might just be enough room to turn a boat in the top of the keyhole but just barely. 

I jokingly told Kevin today that I am considering getting a tattoo.  I would like to have Port stamped on my left hand and Starboard stamped on my right.  Whenever docking the boat, the crew is to help the captain by calling out instructions such as: 10 feet from starboard stern, 8 feet from starboard stern…2 feet from starboard stern…  These signals help the captain know how close the boat is to the dock so that we do not crash into it.   The problem I am having is that I cannot remember which is which after a while.  I am also looking backwards (aft) rather than forward which totally messes with my thinking, not to mention the stress of the moment which makes my mind go blank.  

While we were in Annapolis, Charlie came to take a look at the washing machine.  He found that the drain pipe was barely attached which allowed all the water to flow out onto the floor.   I supposed it may sound that we have purchased a boat with multiple issues.  We have not.  If you have ever bought an older home, there are several items that the new owner wants repaired before moving in.  This happens when buying a boat as well--it's just that we moved in before they were finished with the repairs.  It is also good to live aboard for a while to find the kinks in the boat before going to sea. 

Mr. Adventure was in charge of cooking last night.  I decided it was time he learned how to use the convection oven.  He cooked a frozen pizza.  While this is definitely not gourmet cooking, it is enough to keep him fed if ever I am not aboard.  He thinks he is going to entertain his buddies on this boat.  I am not very keen on his black sheep friends cooking in my galley so I believed he needed to know basics of convection cooking. 

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