Thursday, November 15, 2012

November 15, 2012

November 15, 2012

The boat was down again yesterday.  We made the trip to Baltimore to take the life raft to be inspected by Vane Brothers.  We had to go through a security gate and then run through additional security at the business.  They are located in the Baltimore harbor which is much m ore security conscious send the events of September 11, 2001.  Afterwards we made our way Fells Point. This area is one of the oldest in Baltimore if not the oldest.  I will have to do a little more research on this topic.  The streets are paved with bricks whose edges have softened and rounded over time.  The area seems to be the place to live if you are up and coming.  The streets are lined with pub after pub with a few stores interspersed throughout.  We stopped at a Pub called Kooper's because it had a picture of a yellow lab on the sign. 

From Fell's Point skirted across to the Federal hill area to visit the American Visionary Art museum.  There are interested sculptures outside the building and on the building which had enticed to visit.  I would say the art is eclectic.  There was something called a bra ball which was made with 18,000 bras.  Photography was not allowed so I don't have any pictures of the bra ball.  At home this museum might be called a folk art museum.  We thought it was great. 

We headed back to the boat in the early afternoon to see what was happening to her.  Mike who was replacing the seals on the transmission was finishing up his work.  We turned the water back on and powered up the hot water heater.  I checked the laundry in the main building because we are still without a washing machine.  While up there two of the guys mentioned how much they enjoyed the cookies I baked in the convection oven.  I think I will need to bake another batch today.  Tyler (the youngest guy here who is probably about 18) told me thanks for the cookies too.  Tyler is obviously a new guy here because they tease him without ceasing.  He is a trooper to pay his dues. 

At 6:30 we met DeDe and Terry & Mary and Barry.  Barry drove us to the famed German restaurant that is just about a half mile from Burr.  It was toasty warm inside.  I ordered chicken schnitzel which was grilled chicken, noodles that appeared to be stir fried and red cabbage that was cooked in a vinegar sauce. DeDe and Mary immediately told me we were sitting girls together and boys together.  They told me to fire away with the questions.  I had a few questions, but mostly think I know too little at this point to have a long list of questions.  Steve on the other hand, had at least 20.  He knows more than I do. 

The best advice of the evening was that I should be patient; don't get discouraged; they convinced me I can do this. 

It was good to spend time with other women.  This boat has been filled with men--who are very kind--but they don't always speak the same language.  I got a call from Patti Souther this morning--again it was good to talk to female who can see my perspective.  I am missing my three daughters.  Lainey called last night and shared that she does indeed have strep throat.  I made that diagnosis, but of course, she had to go get a test to verify it and start a round of antibiotics.   She is ready to come home. She has had a great start to her freshman year at college, but I can hear that I need to come home in her voice.  Caroline also sounds ready to come home for a break from school, internship, and sorority life.  Katy is already at home and may be getting a little lonesome with all the dogs and cats to herself.   

Looking forward to another action filled day here on Meandering Joy.  We hope to get the dish network set up.  It's been over a week since I have seen my friends at Fox News.  I have to check up on Charles Krauthammer and Bret Bair.  We are also hoping to get the navigational software set up.  This software package has all our navigational charts on it.  

 Psalm 89:15 and John 16:33.   
Both  of these verses seem to say we should seek God in all circumstances.  Seeking God when concerned puts some distance between me and the concern which may (probably will) allow me to see through it more clearly.

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