Thursday, November 29, 2012

November 29, 2012

November 29, 2012

First thing Thursday morning Kevin showed up with a hat on ready to take us out to get fuel.  Steve headed up to the fly bridge with a hat also as we headed just 200 yards away to fuel up.  Fueling was not anywhere near as difficult as I imagined.  We learned to wash down the area near the fuel tank prior to fueling to keep any spilled fuel from soaking into the teak floor.   Pumping out the holding tank was not very difficult or dirty either.  I decided that having a pair of gloves for these specific tasks might be a good idea. 

After fueling, we headed out to the Chesapeake Bay.  I drove while Kevin helped Steve with the Noble Tec system.  We headed back in after a while and docked port side in so that we could take out the tender which is on the starboard side.  Barrie dropped by and invited us to lunch in the Burr office.  The Lisenby's and Ricketts' had arranged a BBQ lunch for all the staff at Burr.  The invited all the boat owners who are here also.  We met two other Fleming owners as well as more of the staff. 

After lunch we started our dinghy lesson.  Taking down the tender/dinghy was fun.  I like the davit and how it works.  Steve loved driving the tender because he could go fast and scare me.  I think it will be more fun in warmer weather when falling in the water won't be nearly as hazardous to my health. 

After the excitement of the tender ride and returning the tender to her place in the fly bridge, we settled into the pilot house for a lesson on chart reading.  Kevin took us from Turkey Point Island to Beaufort, NC on the charts.  He pointed out places that will need to be avoided and places where there will be a cross current that can push us out of the channel.  We finished up at 4:58 so that we could make it to a Christening ceremony for Providence at 5:00.  It is kind of nice that we can make it to a ceremony in 2 minutes and be on time. 

The Christening ceremony took place in the cockpit of Providence.  The ceremony included scripture, a presentation, and a prayer.  We were all inspired by the ceremony.    Barrie and Mary invited us aboard to christen Proud Mary and then we moved on to Meandering Joy for yet another christening. 

The unexpected blessing of this ceremony was very special to us as we prepare to leave the safety net provided at Burr. 

We headed off for dinner after the ceremony.  Mike's Restaurant and Crab House in Riva on the South River was our destination.  Mike's sits on the water and can be accessed by boat.  There were not boats at the dock on this cold night.  The inside was warm and decorated for Christmas.  I chose the crab cake sandwich and French fries.  It was perfect with very little breading and loaded with crab meat. 

We made a quick run to CVS for Nyquil for Terry and then to the Sweet Frog for frozen yogurt.  Sweet Frog has a sign posted stating "sweetFrog was founded on the principles of Christianity and our belief in bringing happiness and a positive attitude into the lives of our consumers.  At sweetFrog, F.R.O.G stands for Fully Rely On God-and we hope to be an example of that in every community." 

The frozen yogurt was a sweet ending to an even sweeter day!

Isaiah 58:11  Isaiah 40:11

Needing God is the key to knowing God.

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