Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 26, 2012

November 26, 2012

Our rental car pulled away from the house at 5:00 this morning. It was dark and cool but not cold.  There was minimal traffic until we hit Fredericksburg where there was both construction and an accident.  It was a relief to take the Davidsonville Road exit of Hwy 50 toward Edgewater.  Beautiful farms align this road.  The rolling pastures are painted with an assortment of green grasses.  The scenery makes this country girl feel at home.  Turning onto Turkey Point road, I began to look for Meandering Joy.  We could see her from the bridge as we passed over.  Her name had been applied to the transom.   We were excited to see what all had been done while we were away.

We unloaded quickly so that we could return the rental car by 4:30.  Ray and Kevin volunteered to return the car for us so that we could unpack our things and get them settled on the boat.  We continue to be impressed with the thoughtfulness of the people I now call the Burr family. 

Mick was working on the satellite television when we stepped aboard.  As I unloaded the groceries, I saw he had left us some eggs in a bright pink egg carton.  He and his family have chickens.  We will try these for breakfast in the morning. 
Ray returned after taking our rental car and handed me the keys to the Burr van to use if we needed anything. 

Mary dropped by to ask us to join the Lisenby's and Rickett's for dinner.   We ate at Plazuela's, a Mexican restaurant, which serves the hottest salsa verde I have ever eaten.  Our new friends shared stories of their Thanksgiving dinner and the adventures they have had in preparing their boats while we were away.  Steve and I are like sponges soaking up all the helpful hints they are sharing with us.  We are thankful for their friendship and the experiences they share. 

Psalm 118:24, Psalm 116:17
This is the day that the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.  I need to make this my motto and the first thing I think of when I get up each morning.  Imagine what a life that could be to rejoice daily. 

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