Friday, December 14, 2012

Another day in Morehead City

December 13, 2012

Another day in Morehead City.  It was nice to sleep in (6:00) have my coffee and check my emails, Facebook, Drudge report, Breitbart, Weekly Standard, and the American Thinker.  Denard brought us a local paper for the second morning in a row.  It is like being at a hotel.  Steve took care of some boating issues and some business by phone. 

I made some deviled eggs this morning to share with the people here at Dockside Marina.  I took them up to the office before paying for another night.  We knew it was too windy to leave again today, so we went ahead to reserve our spot for another night.  It was not rainy today, but the wind was blowing.  I decided to walk this morning to take care of some of the gifts for my Christmas list.  Steve opted out of this outing, preferring to stay aboard and work on the blackwater sensors.  

I started on Arendall Street.  My first stop was Jame's clothing accessories and art.  My girls would have loved this shop.  There were several items on sale that were tempting.  The sweet girl at Jame's told me several other shops I had to visit that were not closed for the winter season.  Next I headed to Ginny Gordon's.  Ginny Gordon's shop carries a great collection of cookware, cookbooks and every cooking utensil imaginable and gadgets you can't do without.  When they learned we were stuck in Morehead City, they gave me their card and told me to call if I needed anything.  They also told me about the loaner car that the Beaufort Maritime Museum lends to all transient boaters.  I left this great shop with a large bag of gifts for others and a few things for the boat.  

Ugly Cheese Bread from Alex & Brett's--yummy

Cake at Alex & Brett's

Next I visited the Downtown Development Authority located in the restored train depot in the center of town.  They gave me directions some other shops.  They were decorated for Christmas.  The garland and tree were brimming with sea shells and starfish and sand dollars. They pointed me in the direction of the BluSail Gallery.  The owners told me to tell Steve to come for the men's cooking lesson for the evening.  I was told that the men get together once a month for a cooking lesson.  The men bring beer and wine then eat all the food they are taught to prepare.  They also have a women's cooking night once a month.  Both of the owners are artists.  One is a painter, the other is a potter. I saw some beautiful jewelry called Sailor's Valentine's.  A sailor's valentine is a sentimental gift crafted from sea shells. These were originally made between 1830 and 1890 and they were designed to be brought home from a sailor's voyage at sea and given to the sailor's loved one.   Hint Hint Mr. Adventure!

From Blu Sail I ventured to Dee Gee's Gifts and Books.  .  I have never been into a book store I didn't love.  I headed back to the boat from here.  Steve and I enjoyed leftover's for a quick lunch then headed to Beaufort in Bill's truck.  We picked up Melody and John  who are also staying at Dockside Marina as they were walking over the bridge.  They are from Norfolk heading toward their home in Hilton Head. 

We visited several shops in Beaufort.  I should correct that statement.  I released Steve from girlfriend duties.  I asked him if he wanted to wander around on his own or shop with me.  He took off like greased lightning.  I found a few gifts for the family Christmas swap. My favorite finds of the day:  1.  Waxing Poetic Jewelry .  These are charm necklaces and bracelets that have an antique look that I like.  2.  Savory Saltine Flavoring  (  This seasoning is used on Saltine Crackers.  There couldn't be an easier appetizer/snack. We have tasted this at Jarret Bay twice.  Each time we visit Jarret Bay they are sold out. 
I caught up with Mr. Adventure who had finished the museum and all the shops before I was halfway down the main street shops.  We decided to return after phoning Melody and John who decided to take a taxi back to the marina.   

Early night for us as we plan to leave at first light . 

2 Thessalonians          1:10     Psalm 27:4      1 Corinthians 6:19       Ephesians 3:20

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