Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December 5, 2012

Small waves heading in all directions have replaced the calm waters of Tuesday indicating that stormy weather is just ahead.  Steve has headed toward Baltimore to catch a flight home for business and will return later today.  I plan to enjoy the coziness of Meandering Joy during the stormy weather except for a quick trip to the grocery store for some provisioning for our weeks ahead.  We are planning to leave on Thursday for Solomon's Island, MD.  All that is left to be completed is the life raft.  It is supposed to arrive today. 

I did some Christmas shopping on Tuesday.  Annapolis has a nice mall and an area on Forest Avenue with some great boutiques.  Patrick was outside when I arrived back at Burr.  He talked to me about the business philosophy at Burr Yacht Sales after I thanked him for all the kindness and patience that has been shown to us during our training on Meandering Joy.  They believe that the best salesperson for the Fleming is satisfied happy customers.  Statistics show that many Fleming owners are repeat buyers either buying newer hulls, or moving to the larger models, proof that their philosophy is effective.

We had dinner with another new owner yesterday evening.  John Pohl was at BYS for the survey of the boat he is purchasing.  He and his wife, Beth, live in Charleston, SC most of the time, but are living in Norfolk, VA while he is working on a job there.   We discovered that they play tennis also.  We had dinner with John at Adam's, the place for Ribs.  We are looking forward to meeting Beth soon. 

Psalm 31:20    Genesis 28:11-16

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