Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bellhaven to Morehead City

December 11, 2012

We spent the night anchored just outside of Bellhaven, NC tucked in at Durants Point.  We anchored near Bob and Jan in their Nordhavn, Emeritus.  Anchoring was not a problem,  the anchor held and we did not wander from our point.  The waves picked up in the night and slapped the side of the boat for what felt like hours.  Mr. Adventure  never heard a sound.  

We are heading to Morehead City, NC today.  We had to pass through the Neuse river which was reported to be some of the roughest water we would pass through on our trip. It was a calm as glass.  Emeritus is following right behind us.

At one point during the day, we heard a coast guard call about an EPIRB signal near where we had been.  We had seen the boat speaking with the CG.  Apparently a signal went off, but no one could find the boat that had sent it. 

I saw a dolphin as we came into Morehead City.  Portside Marina was our stop for the night.  Denard Harris, the dockmaster, met us at the T-head slip.  Steve glided us into our spot for the night.  We discovered that the toilets wouldn't flush when we arrived.  The float sensors indicated that our blackwater tanks were not full, however, we decided that full tanks were the logical reason for the problem.  I ran up to talk to Denard about the pump out procedure.  We must have pumped for 30-45 minutes. This solved our problem instantly.  I am thankful that this problem happened while we were here where we could pump out easily. 

I  made an instant connection with Denard when I discovered he went to Eastern Carolina University in Greenville, NC.  Telling him about Lainey at Mars Hill College opened the floodgates.  He and his wife Kay are long time students who have multiple degrees between them.  They were in Columbia SC for years and were familiar with Presbyterian College.  He knew Callie Gault, the football coach there for many years.  We then got to talking about sports, coaching and daughters.  He showed me his 1962 TR4A which he kept in the massive boat storage facility. 

After a short walk around town, we returned to get ready for dinner with Bob and Jan.  We met them at Floyd's 1921. (http://www.floyds1921.com/)   Bob and Jane Dubois from Maryland came in just after we were seated and joined us for dinner.  They had just arrived in their Grand Banks Seaflat and were docked at Morehead City Yacht Basin.  Bob had been a merchant marine during his professional career.  We were fortunate to have dinner with such an experienced boat captain.   

Steve ordered the filet special and I had the Shrimp napoleon appetizer.  The Shrimp Napoleon is sautéed shrimp and mozzarella cheese layered between grit cakes topped with Tasso ham and roasted red pepper gravy. 

Psalm 36:9  Genesis 21:1-7   Hebrews 11:1


Sunset in Bellhaven NC

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  1. Sounds great, glad to hear from you and that internet is working again.