Sunday, December 16, 2012

Murrell's Inlet to McClellanville

We slept in on this day because we were all so tired and we didn't have too far to travel this day.  Lainey and I walked around the marina while Steve lounged around all morning.  (Anyone who knows Steve knows this is not  true--just have to write somethings so make sure he is paying attention) 

We had planned to stop at Georgetown because we have visited this nice town many times on our way home from Pawley's Island.  We thought Lainey would enjoy visiting here because she has been here so often.  She confessed that she was too young to remember going.  We decided to bypass Georgetown and head on to McClellanville and anchor there. 

It was a beautiful day traveling along the Waccamaw River and into the Winyah Bay outside of Georgetown.  Lainey enjoyed the natural beauty of the North Santee River and the Santee Swamp.  There was nothing to see but wildlife and trees.  We were surprised by a pair of dolphin which decided to swim right beside us.  Lainey and I were squealing with delight while Steve tried to maneuver through the shallow waters. 

We were traveling at low tide.  The markers on Active Captive which indicate tide levels showed we were coming in at  the lowest possible tidal level.  There was one channel marker which was at least 3 feet out of water.  We gently kissed the bottom of the ICW on more than one occasion. 

We found an anchorage at mile 436 just past McClellanville.  The water was about 10-12 feet here after what seemed like miles of 3 foot deep water.  This anchorage was secluded.  The sunset was beautiful.  After dark both Lainey and I get a little antsy out in the middle of nowhere.  She woke us up during the night saying she saw a boat on fire.  Steve couldn't find the mystery boat.  I didn't dream of pirates, but I do constantly wonder what is going on outside the boat while we are anchored.  I hope I can lose some of this anxiety with experience.  

This channel marker should be in the water.

Sun is going down right before we anchor.

This is where we anchored just below McClellanville

Dolphin swimming alongside us.

Beautiful sunset in McClellanville!

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