Thursday, December 6, 2012

Headed to Solomon's Island

December 6, 2012

Our life raft arrived yesterday afternoon about 3:00.  I filled the refrigerator and the cabinets with enough food to feed to last about 2 weeks.  Since we have not traveled this way before, I am not sure when I will be able to get to a grocery store again.  We have been told many marina's are within walking distance to a store, and many offer the use of a loaner vehicle.  We are set in any case.

I walked up to the offices at BYS this afternoon, to thank everyone who has worked with us.  The people here have been great.  Business schools should use them as a model for customer service.  Ray asked me to call when we get to our first destination today and offered to have someone accompany us.  We have decided to go it alone feeling confident in the training we have received that we are ready. 

If the weather is good this morning, we will begin heading south.  It is still dark outside, but I can feel that the wind is blowing and moving the water some.  We will check with NOAA this morning to make sure all is well before we head out.   NOAA is an acronym for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.      NOAA provides local and regional forecasts.  This information is especially useful to those in the marine, aviation, and space industries. 

We plan to make our first stop at Solomon's Island. 

Deuteronomy 6:5     Colossians 3:23     Psalm 16:11

Prayers today for:   Caroline, Lainey, and Jessica as they prepare for and take their exams,  Robin's mother Linda,  and safe travels


  1. Amazing! We are so excited for you both! I will have to get Mark to plan to meet up with you this summer! Have a wonderful adventure! Love you all! The Donahues

  2. Gina, You & Mark will have to join us this summer. Thanks for the comment. I feel a little isolated here so your comments are much appreciated! Merry Christmas to you all!