Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December 4, 2012

I am having a very difficult time remembering the day of the week.  DeeDee has a day calendar that they use to remind them of the specific day.  We were told that this is a common experience because routines are changed so much while living a board. 

On Monday, I left early for a long walk/jog session.  Michael G. told me about an application for my iphone that clocks my time and marks the path I take.  It is called Nike+ and it is free.  I was a little surprised that the app would talk to me as I finished each mile and tell me the time and cheer me forward. It is kind of like walking with a friend.  I started the stretching exercises that I am supposed to do each day and I started using the exercise bands for a few strength training exercises.  While we are making our passage to other places, I know I will not get to move around very much, so it will probably be important that I do these exercise.  I hope I can get into the habit. 

I discovered many new nooks and crannies as I cleaned yesterday.  I am becoming much more familiar with everything and have started making this my home--away from home.  I love the smell of Lemon Pledge and Mr. Clean. 

Buddy was here most of the day working on the Portuguese bridge doors and the pilothouse doors.  While we were at St. Michaels, I was trying to line up the pin that locks the doors into place.  The hole and pin were not quite lined up so I lifted the door just a little.  The door came off the track and fell off.   It was saved by the railing from falling into the water.  Steve put it back on track for the ride back to Burr and added that to our list of repairs before takeoff. 

Steve spent about 2 hours on Noble Tec plotting our route to first Solomon's Island and then to Norfolk, VA.  These are our first two stops on our Southern route.  He plans to get together with Kevin today for some additional help with the computerized charting system.  Steve has also been busy with the sound system, television, and Netflix.  He ran to Fawcett Boat Supplies (http://fawcettboat.com/) to get some hardware to secure the tender.  We have visited both locations of West Marine in the area and Fawcett Boat Supplies.  Fawcett's is by far my favorite. 

It was very warm in Edgewater today.  I had all the doors open and was listening to Christmas music while I was cleaning and straightening.  I glanced out the cockpit door and noticed was looked to be a small island creeping across the Selby bay with a back hoe on top of the island.  It was a strange sight.  Steve tells me that this is used to work on pilings at docks.  The driver is sitting in the top of what looks like a lifeguard stand. 

Psalm 116:17   Isaiah 55:8-9  Colossians 4:2

I continue to read the devotion by Sarah Young --Jesus Calling.  I have always found the verses in Isaiah helpful when trying to understand things that happen that are so senseless. 

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